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This is a re-post from my prior website.


Hello everyone,

As we approach April 27th, (the release date for my new album, “Jukebox“) I’m finding my music in more and more corners of the internet. Glide Magazine premiered my song, “Don’t Leave Me Blue” and declared: “The song has a loose, rambling country sound that immediately brings to mind the redneck-meets-hippie culture of Austin, Texas in the 1970s.” I can think of no higher compliment.

The blog, Daily Country, premiered the album’s title track, “Jukebox” and called it: “A sweetly sentimental trip to simpler times that appeals to both your ears and your heart.”

Also, my tunes have popped up on playlists by Blue Ridge Outdoor Magazine, KDNK, and Out of The Woods.

I’m honored and excited to be receiving a little attention for the new record. I’m proud of the music, and hope other people will have the chance to enjoy listening.

If you live in Colorado, consider joining us for the album release party and concert at The Temporary in Basalt, CO. Tix will be available here soon, if not already.

Thank you for your continued support! It means a lot.
​- JE –

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