Diamond Ranch Vol. 2

We gathered in the home studio of my friend, Lester Price. His sons, Jeff and Sean were at the board, and steadily setting up microphones, running cables, making things come together. The band played together, live, for two days, and the Diamond Ranch sessions came alive.

After the initial session, I asked a few friends to overdub their harmonies or instrumental parts from afar. The sonic genius, Chris Latham, stitched our performances together in Nashville, TN, and so it was.

These may be the final two tracks in my Diamond Ranch series, but the process was so fun, we’re bound to record more, once the pandemic blows over. Until then, I hope you enjoy listening to these tunes, as much as we enjoyed playing them.

– JE –

Jackson Emmer: vocals, guitars, bass, songwriting  
Lester Price: guitars  
Chris Goplerud: drums  
Mike Facey: bass  
Larry Gottlieb: steel guitars 
Letitia VanSant: harmony vocals  
Sam Moss: fiddle  
Jeff Price: recording engineer  
Sean Price: recording engineer  
Chris Latham: mixing and mastering  

Album art photo by Olive & West Photography

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