Alpine Coda

Pre-orders for my new album have begun. Alpine Coda will be released on October 2nd, 2020. I have been working on this record for two years… which feels strange to admit – because the whole album was recorded in only 5 days. Months of writing, preparation, and planning, culminated in those sessions in Nashville. The recording days were a whirlwind, and left me happily exhausted. Then came weeks of mixing, mastering, and months of planning the release – only to be thwarted by the pandemic… which meant months of planning, revisited.

Alpine Coda - Album Cover

When I began releasing records in 2008, the process was mercurial, rushed, and solitary. The results were thrilling, haphazard, and bizarre. The process for making Alpine Coda could not have been more different; collaborative, intentional, and virtuosic – but the results speak for themselves. This record thrills me. It makes me dance. It brings me to tears. After years of making albums at home, toiling alone, it was an absolute thrill to work with the 10 outstanding musicians you hear on this record. This process has been a joy, and a roller coaster. I am excited to share the fruits with you on October 2nd.

Pre-order Alpine Coda here.

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