Alpine Coda – Cover Song Contest

Hello friends! My new album, Alpine Coda, is out today. In an effort to get the word out about my new songs, I figured I’d create a little contest.

Between Oct. 2nd and Nov. 15th, anyone who posts a video of themselves singing/covering a song from Alpine Coda will be entered to win. The winners will be chosen by video view count. The prizes are:

  1. Top Prize – a co-write with me, Jackson Emmer, signed limited edition vinyl, 3 digital copies of the record, hand-drawn artwork, a JE tee shirt.
  2. Second Place – a co-write with me, signed limited edition vinyl, and a JE tee shirt.

All entries will be shared and posted on my social media.

The rules:

  1. Anyone in the world can participate.
  2. Videos must be shared online (email chain, YouTube, social media- whatever! As long as there is a way to count how many times it’s been viewed or shared.)
  3. Please tag my social media pages (Jackson Emmer on FB, @jacksonemmer on Instagram, and/or link to my website or the album in your post).
  4. If you are a minor, please have your parent sign a waiver agreeing to this. Thanks!

I can’t wait to hear your cover songs!

  • JE

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