All workshops are being conducted by Zoom until further notice. I’m excited about teaching via this platform, and it’s made for a surprisingly efficient way to engage with participants.

How To Book A Tour

7/22 – 6pm Mountain Time – Tix here.

7/26 – 2pm Mountain Time – Tix here.

Zoom workshops on 7/22 and 7/26, 2020.

Sure, touring is mostly on hold due to the COVID crisis, but when things open back up, wouldn’t you like to plan your own tours? From small venues to coffee shops, breweries to house concerts, I’ll show you how to plan your adventure across the United States. I’ve booked over 50 tours (600+ concerts), in 28 states. I’m excited to help you coordinate your own. Tix available here.

Why You Need Social Media, an EPK, and a Website

7/26 – 11am Mountain Time – Tix here.

7/30 – 6pm Mountain Time – Tix here.

Zoom workshops on 7/26 and 7/30, 2020.

Most DIY musicians use social media, a personalized website, and EPKs. This workshop will cover the best practices for building your online presence, so you can take your DIY music career to the next level. We’ll talk about what bookers want to see online, vs. what your fans want to see. We’ll also discuss modern Promo Assets, and what you should and shouldn’t pay for when building your online presence. Tix available here.

10 Things Every Guitar Player Should Know

8/1 – 11am Mountain Time – Tix here.

Zoom workshop on 8/1, 2020

This workshop is geared towards beginning to intermediate guitar players. We’ll talk about learning music by ear, transferring music theory into real world skills, and how to adapt your guitar playing to various genres and contexts. We’ll talk about what artists look for when hiring a guitarist, and how to play well with others. We’ll also talk about DIs for acoustic guitars, EQ for both acoustic and electric guitars, tuning, transposing, and how to get your playing out of a “rut.” Tix available here.