1. Good stuff and so true. As a charter member of the “dime a dozen” Americana group, I totally understand and respect what you say. At my advanced age, I would certainly like to believe my best writing is still ahead of me. Thanks for the reminder. 🎶☺️

    1. Hi Judson, I believe in you! The best writing is ahead for all of us. Is your music posted online anywhere? If so, let me know where. I’d love to hear it. – JE –

  2. Congratulations on anticipating becoming parents. Your lives will never be the same again. But, you’re gonna love it! … Judson

  3. Hey Man, I stumbled upon your page by searching for some John Lilly stuff and I just want to say great job on everything you’re doing. The tribute album sound awesome. It’s hard believe John Lilly isn’t a household name some of his songs are as good anything. I’ve had the good fortune of going to the Augusta Heritage Center for several summers where I’ve gotten to take classes and play music with John, and it was always a real treat. In addition, I listened to a bunch of your music and I think it sounds wonderful. I really enjoy your writing and your vocal style is a rare and satisfying surprise. I look forward to listening some more. All the best to you.

    1. Hi Scott, thank you for the kind words and for checking out my music. Yeah, isn’t John Lilly tremendous? I am grateful to know him. See you down the line! – JE –